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Nina Hall
Nina is a channel and facilitator, through whom Spirit Guides work to bring you the most amazing transformational energy.

Everyone has different needs so the Karmic Clearing process can vary slightly from person to person. If you are unsure of your requirements, please telephone 07951 310 888. You can also directly to discuss.

Karmic Clearing CD
Rainbow Bridge & a Karmic Clearing Meditation CD's are available.

A Karmic Clearing session range from £50 to £75 - see prices and offers for a current price list and special offers.

Healing Affirmation
Please take the time to look into the centre of the heart below and read aloud each of the phrases which follows 3 times each.

I bring joy to the centre of my heart. (x3)

My heart beats to the rhythm of love. (x3)

The more I learn to love myself, the more I can love others. (x3)

I forgive myself, I forgive everyone, forgiveness is my freedom. (x3)

I set myself free of all chains and restrictions now lifted. (x3)

I set myself free. (x3)

It is done. (x3)

Karmic Clearing

Karmic ClearingKarmic Clearing can uplift and awaken you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It will clear the blocks that may be preventing you from gaining the best of your potential in life or from achieving total well-being through peace of heart and mind or good health.

Our aura reflects our state of mind and our emotional balance even before we actually become sick and a Karmic Clearing session will ensure that the aura is clear and that a good and smooth flow of energy around the body is re-established.

After a Karmic Clearing session, you may find that other therapies that have proved unsuccessful may now be of benefit in relieving emotional, mental or physical problems. You may have cleared your karma, but be so programmed to follow certain behaviour patterns caused by karma, that you still feel the emotions such as guilt or fear even though the cause has passed.

Karmic Clearing deals with the removal of karmic contracts that are causing disruption in our lives. A karmic contract is unconsciously-held decisions, attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, considerations, agreements that we live by and have made with other people. These are always polarized, hence they "output" discordant magnetic fields. Examples of polarized issues are: "I love myself, I don't love myself".

Why is Karmic Clearing Necessary?

There are several reasons why our energy becomes blocked.


If we are thinking lovingly of someone, that person will benefit from our loving energy. If, however, we worry and become anxious, the energy created by these negative thoughts will be dense and heavy. If we are fearful for ourselves and our future this heavy energy will stay in our aura and create dense masses which block and hinder the smooth movement of energy streams throughout our bodies.


Any traumatic or negative experience will have an impact on our energy field and will leave an imprint. Experiences that cause these range from emotional shocks such as the sudden death of a loved one, to an attack or abuse. Even small upsets leave an imprint that can affect us for a time These imprints can also block and affect our energy flow and the greater the trauma the longer it can take for these imprints to be cleared naturally.

Suppressed Emotions

All situations that have occurred in the past where we have held onto our feelings and suppressed our emotions are potentially harmful to us. These pent up feelings can prevent us from feeling and expressing our emotions and can affect us on all levels.

Karmic Cords

As we connect with other people and objects we have patterns of relating. These patterns become crystallized and hardened like a rope made of millions of very thin threads going back and forth, back and forth over a long period of time. When I see these cords they look like ropes, usually dark gray to black in color. Some cords are thicker than others, I interpret this as an indicator of how much time and intensity occurred there.

Having karmic cords with someone is neither good nor bad. It simply means you have spent time with that person before. Clearing the karmic cords is a good idea simply because it clears the energy between two people so that whatever is going on in a relationship you know it is more about now rather than from a past life experience. After a separation or divorce, it is beneficial to cut the cords between each person so that both parties can move forward.

I have also noticed that objects and even events and businesses can also have karmic cords especially if they have been handed down for many generations. We don't even need to understand the story about where the cords are coming from or where the other end of the cord connects. We simply clear it.

The Karmic Clearing Process

Karmic Clearing Sessions are directed by the person's GodSelf, the subconscious. This "True Self" aspect shows us the priority issues, the source-decisions that cause the greatest fragmentations in the personality and the greatest suffering. It's holographic language is comprised of archetypes, personas, polarized contracts (see above) and potentials/constructs on each of the seven levels of awareness.

Polarized contracts are absolved, all contract-generated thoughtforms are transmuted, all related neural nets are unplugged. Any given hang-up or issue has layered neural nets, and any given karmic session absolves a significant number of layers. The session is experienced as a "high" or a freedom.

All the energy streams that come through during clearing are of the vibration of love and compassion and will always work for your highest good. Your soul and consciousness will only accept the form and level of energy that you need.

You will be positively involved in the whole session. It is your needs that will dictate the energies that come through and you will both consciously and subconsciously be calling in the energies you need, Nina simply acts as the portal to spirit, channelling the energies and directing them to you.

Your personal acceptance and openness to receive will dictate the level of energy that you receive. All will be governed by your higher self, Nina is merely the catalyst. You will actually be healing yourself with the universal energies that meet your needs.

Nina will release your pain of past experiences, in this lifetime and in past lives, by removing the associated imprints (see above) on your energy body.

The Benefits of Karmic Clearing

The benefits of a Karmic Clearing include:

  • Happiness and inner peace
  • Greater capacity to express and attract love in your life
  • Feeling clear and free
  • Release of negative behavioural patterns or the inability to create and sustain forward motion in life
  • Accelerated spiritual growth and development. Unfolding of the "True Self/Higher Self"
  • Accessing and actualising higher patterns of consciousness, awareness, and acceptance
  • Clearing away faulty belief systems, mass-consciousness programs, duality, karma and perceived karmic patterns from past lives, birth or other imprints
  • Reprogramming of subconscious belief structures
  • Release of limitations through releasing vows, contracts, commitments, etc.
  • Release of entity attachments, past life agreements and vows connected with sources of negative energy
  • Integration and gathering of split aspects of self and soul essence. Release of earthbound trauma
  • Clearing of DNA and blocks to soul growth, and ascension

As soon as possible after the clearing process, It is recommended that you continue to work on your own self healing, by meditating every day - even for just a few minutes.

How to book a Karmic Clearing session

To arrange a Karmic Clearing session, please telephone 07951 310 888. You can also direct.

A Karmic Session investment  is  £75 - schedule your Karmic Clearing session today and rid yourself of your burdens.