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Gift Vouchers from £40
Gift Vouchers, available from £40 can be used against any therapy or product which is available through Divine Light.

If you would like to purchase a Gift Voucher, please telephone 07951 310 888 or you can direct.

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Prices and Special Offers

Party Plans Group Bookings
Receive a free session of your choice if you host a party or other social event for your relatives, work colleagues and friends. A minimum of 10 participants is required and is available for Aura, Angel Workshops/ Meditation Classes, Hynotherapy, Past Life Regression and sessions only.
Please note that for therapies, prices can differ depending on length of treatment and whether a combination of treatments is involved. All costs will be discussed in full, both prior to and during a session.

Aura Photography

  • A private Aura Photography session is £50
  • The session includes Intuitive Analysis
  • Aura 'Live' (AVS) session is £50 - See your Aura & Chakras live on screen + 18 page report + Aura Photo & personal reading.

CCara Natural Energetics Healing

  • 5th Dimensional Metatronic Natural Healing, which can produce Life Changing Results in One Session - £50 for 45 mins or only £60 for 1 1/2 hours.

Crystal Lightbed Therapy

  • This amazing Crystal Lightbed direct from the Casa in Brazil is available for individual sessions. Nina incorporates her Sound Therapist skills in the lightbed session where you lay on a curved accustic sound wave bed made out of Padouk wood, on one side is a 40 string monocord in basic C and the other a Slit Drum in A, H, d, & e. on the 4 corners of the bed are tables holding Tibetan Bowls. these 5th Dimensional Metatronic Natural Healing energies bath you in Light Sound Colour for the duration of your session. Words cannot describe or justify the experience you will recieve. One Session/treatment lasts for 30 or 60 minutes and range from £60 - £75 You are receiving 3 therapies combined in 1 session. Book a session now, because You are Worth It.

DNA Theta Healing

  • This Amazing Healing costs only £60

J Seal Removal

To arrange a J Seal Removal (7 Jehovian Seals) and/or Aura Chakra Balancing session, please telephone 07951 310 888. You can also directly.

J Seal Removal session costs only £80 - include an Aura Chakra Balancing and it costs only £97 schedule your session today and get back in touch with your body.


  • Tarot Card Readings range from £55 £45 & £35 (All readings can be in person by telephone or Skype). Please state before your reading commences what price reading you require.
  • Genuine Honest Readings with Clear Life Path Guidance
  • Using Tarot-Psy-Angel Cards & Unique CCara Hand Reading/Healing Techniques
  • Over the Telephone by Skype or in Person Readings (Hand Readings in person Only).
  • Please contact Nina on 0191 270 1975 or mobile 07951 310 888 to make an appointment

Ascended Masters 7th Ray Card Readings

  • Find your Spiritual Guide and connect to the Ascended Masters.
  • This intuitive psychic reading investment £40

Chakra Balancing - Meridian Clearing & Auric Cleanse

  • A Full Personal session costs between   £60 - 80  (Which also includes a 15 min Crystal Light Bed treatment)

Karmic Clearing - Both Distance & Personal

  • Sessions range from £75
  • DNA Activation Reading and Clearing - £65
  • Energetic  Cord Cutting - 50 


  • C-CARA Weight Control Therapy - 4 Sessions £297
  • A Personal Healing Journey - Past, Present and Future Healing personally tailored to you. costs £75 Please Note: More than one session may be required)
  • A 'Stopping Smoking in One Session' costs £197 (With Free CD)
  • Group 'Stop Smoking' sessions available. A minimum of 6 participants (5 + host). £75 each participant.

Past Life Regression

  • This Individual Healing Journey costs £75
  • You can add a Past Life/Future Life Karmic Clearing for only £50 extra
  • Past Life Regression with a C-Cara Karmic Clearing costs only £110
  • Your Past Life session will be recorded Free of Charge as MP3 files and a download link will be sent to your email address after your session.

Ray/DNA/Past Life Card Reading & Healing

  • Find out Your Past Life Issues affecting you in This Life and clear them.
  • Using my Unique Purpose made cards and Healing Meditation.
  • This intuitive psychic reading & healing is priced at £50


  • Personal Pleiadian Lightbody DNA / Merkaba Activation Sessions are £60 per session. (Normally £80) Each session is 1 1/2 hours - There are 3 Activations which can be taken over time. (Special Offer) All 3 Activations if booked together ONLY 140 . Skype sessions are available.
  • Personal 1 to 1 Angel & Ascension Meditation sessions - only £60
  • Individual Meditation Classes available - please contact Nina

Gift Vouchers:

£40 - £50 - £60 - £100 - £200 & £250

Gift Voucher 


£150 - £200 & £250 (per person) packages available - Please contact for full details.

Give someone this unique gift enabling them to find out more about themselves.

This gift comes as a printed voucher and can be used against any of the above therapies, treatments or readings.