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07951 310 888

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Aura Photography saves Woman's Life
In August 2006, Nina's exceptional skills helped to save a woman's life. Read full article.

Nina would like to thank You for taking the time to read what is offered on this Divinely Inspired website.

Link to Nina's Muna - Ki - Rites website please click

Link to Nina's Saint Mary Magdalenewebsite please click HERE

Advanced Angel & Ascension Meditation & Spiritual Development Classes/
Sessions are available Now If you are interested in this, please email: Nina or telephone her on : 07951 310 888

Divine Light Aura Photography


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18th January 2024    

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Emotional Healing

Clearing Past Present & Future Emotional Problems Easily.
Please note, we can address all negative emotions by clearing mental / physical / emotional patterns at even deeper levels and balance your the body's energy system by using our 'Advanced CCara Energy Healing' technique. This profound 5th Dimensional Natural Healing works with Past Life issues, Present conditions and Future Emotional, Karmic & Past Life problems.

We can bring our Healing Techniques to you anywhere in the world, via Telephone or webcam. using Skype (divinelights1). We are here to be of Global service to you.

For further information email: Nina or telephone her on mob: 07951 310 888


Nina Munay Ki

Welcome to Divine Light's Aura Photography

Aura Photography Aura Imaging and Aura Video Station

Nina Hall Aura PhotographyDivine Light, through Nina Hall, offers a wide range of alternative and complementary therapies, ranging from Aura Photography with Unique CCARA Natural Healing, Past Life Regression, Psychic Surgery to the phenomena of Aura Imagery and the amazing Crystal Light Bed Therapy. (See link below!)

Working throughout the UK, Nina uses these therapies to help individuals to improve their physical, mental and emotional well being, covering a wide range of conditions including allergies, phobias, emotional problems, stresses and anxieties, pain syndromes, and everything from minor ailments to the more serious of illnesses.

Divine Light's Aura Photography consultations are informative and enlightening and will inspire you and help you to align with your life's path, clearing any blocks and assisting you in healing and moving forward in your life's journey. Nina's multi-disciplinary approach allows her to provide individuals with the most suitable therapy (or combination of therapies) for their needs.

All of the available therapies are gentle and can provide a life-affirming way to connect to your deceased loved ones, spirit guides and angels. By viewing the human aura and by studying the colours of the aura, we can also see inherited talents and abilities and it is not uncommon to discover personal spirit guides, angels, deceased relations, new pregnancies and past life impressions.

Nina specialises in using her intuition in matching the correct treatment to an individual, so the treatment you receive may vary slightly depending on your needs.

 In addition Nina is: 

1. A Tera-Mai Seichem Reiki Master Teacher.     Offering - Seichem First Degree Training. Seichem 2nd degree Level & Seichem 3rd Degree Master Teacher Attunement. 

2. Egyptian Cartouche Master Teacher. Offering Training in: 1st Level 25 Attunements = £99 You can also become a Master. Master Teacher ---Training (2Day) £175 

Also available are - One Day Akashic Records Workshops. 

Please contact Nina for further details and available dates.



Therapies on offer



NEW! Full Spectrum Energy Healing Wands - These Amazing Zero Point Energy Field Healing Wands, (That are not from an MLM company and are very reasonably priced with 18% off at the moment) remind your cells that they came from source and in a matter of minutes, your aches and pains can magically melt away as your cells release toxins and poisons. Click on the link in the title to go to the website for full details. (Updated 18th January 2024) We have now had Amazing success with 997+ people in Chronic Pain with these "Magical" Wands Click HERE For more details & order information. You will be very glad that you did.

STOP PRESS! Here is a link to a New testimonials page that shows 3 very recent wanding result video testimonials its worth your time to watch. Click HERE

  • Aura Photography - Using 2 special camera and computer systems, the aura can be seen using an electronic frequency sensing plate which detects levels from the individuals' hand. This frequency is then converted to colour and placed on a photograph which is then analyzed.
  • Matrix Energetics - Matrix Energetics is a complete system of healing, self-care and transformation. It is powered by intent, every time, which has a physical and observable effect. It is very much about transforming your beliefs concerning healing, disease and the structure of reality.
  • DNA Theta Healing - In DNA Theta Healing we use our own natural intuition, relying upon God's unconditional love to do the actual "work".
  • Crystal Light Bed Therapy - Blessed By John of God of Brazil. We have now Built our Clinic of Miracles Healing Room. This room is dedicated to the Amazing Crystal Light Bed. During construction Crystals were placed in a Geometric pattern under the floor. Picture of the Entities from the Casa, John of God and Ascended Masters were placed around the Crystals. Experience This Life Changing Therapy and Amazing 5th Dimensional Healing Room Now!.
  • Chakra Balancing - Chakra balancing is based on the ancient Indian belief in a series of seven chakras, or energy centers. Each chakra relates to particular organs of the body, ailments, colours, elements, and emotions.
  • Karmic Clearing - Karmic Clearing can uplift and awaken you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It will clear the blocks that may be preventing you from gaining the best of your potential in life or from achieving total well-being through peace of heart and mind or good health.
  • Hypnotherapy - Hypnotherapy processes interact directly with inner consciousness to find core issue causes of problems in a client's life. Clients can examine beliefs and thought processes that are giving rise to emotional, physical, mental and spiritual problems and make changes at the core level from which the outer manifestation originates.
  • Past Life Regression - Past Life Regression can be used to explore this lifes events and relationships to those you know now, and how you were connected in past lives.
  • Other Therapies - including TAROT Card Readings in Newcastle upon Tyne, Life Path Guidance & Intuitive Healing, Spiritual Counselling, Spiritual Healing, Reiki, and CCARA Natural Healing Therapy.
  • Meditation Classes - Angel & Ascension Meditation Classes are held in Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne. One to One & Group Angel and Ascension Training & Meditation sessions are also available.
  • Please Call Nina on 07951 310 888 to book your place. VERY Limited Seats available.
  • NEW! visit Nina's Saint Mary Magdalene Website Click HERE
  • Location - Divine Light's Natural Therapy Centre, Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne
  • If Newcastle upon Tyne is to far for you to travel. A solution could be that if you could organise a suitable venue and group of 10 or more people, we will travel to you (See below for details)..
    • Nina & Jerry are seeeking venues in the UK in 2024 to hold workshops on:
    • Mary Magdalene and the hidden God/Goddess.
    • Knights Templar.
    • Walking the Labyrinth the Sacred Circle. (We have a 19ft diameter Labyrinth)
    • Earth Healing.
    • Forgiveness with CCara Matrix Healing. (A Truly Life Changing Workshop!)
    • Aura & Light body Activation.

      Workshops running monthly throughout 2024 if you would like to host a workshop in a venue near you please contact Nina on 0191 270 1975 or 07951 310 888 or e-mail: to express your interest.
    • if you are interested in any of the workshops, please book early as there are limited seats available.
  • For your convenience - All Major Credit Cards can be used for events and for all therapies and treatments and Tarot readings that we do.

How to book or contact NinaConsultations can be performed at your own home, at Nina's Clinic, at your office, or at any of the many events and seminars Nina attends throughtout the UK. In Most cases, Karmic Clearings & Healings can take place by the technique of Distant Healing which is performed over the telephone.

Contact Nina today on 07951 310 888. For a life-changing experience.

Blessings of Love from Nina

 Blessings of Love Aura PhotographyLook into the heart opposite, deep into the core, and be aware that blessings of Love are being sent to you. As you read this your Angels, and Guides and Ascended Masters just surround you at this present time and ask you just to breath in and receive their Love.

Open your heart and allow this love to fill every fibre, cell and molecule of your being (you may begin to feel a wonderful calmness or warmth just sweeping over you). They offer you Sacred Roses from the Gardens of Shambhala and as they place one in each of your Chakras and a golden chalice filled with the three-fold-flame in your Heart.

May you enjoy these pages, beautiful one, and any loving journey with your God Presence that you may receive from this. I send a big wave of Love to you.


Nina Hall