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A belief in reincarnation is not necessary to make Past Life Regressions valuable. The true value of remembering a past life comes only when the knowledge gained is put to use in your present life.

A Past Life Regression session are £75 but you can add a Past Life Karmic Clearing for only £50 extra. Session are recorded as MP3 - Free of Charge & will be emailed to you  after your session   - see prices and offers for a current price list and special offers.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Past Life RegressionFrom our "Clinic of Miracles" here in Newcastle upon Tyne, we have noticed Past Life Regression is more popular now than ever before. The awakening of people like yourself has never been stronger. That is why you have been drawn to the words you are reading now.

Your Higher Self has guided you to the solution to your problems. Congratulations for listening to your intuition. Thank Your Higher Self for it's guidance. Be Greatful. For You truly are awakening. The Solution to your problems is now just a phone call away.

The idea that we have lived before exists throughout many cultures and religions. The belief is that we are incarnated here in this life to learn from our experiences and in doing so we progress on a spiritual level.

Each lifetime brings its own challenges and rewards, depending on how we deal with each situation we are given, it is also believed that the links and bonds we have made in one life are continued in the lives that follow. For example your wife in your previous life could be your best friend in this.

We are born we live and we die and then return to the source to start the process again. Our memories of these events are hidden deep within our subconscious minds, the reason for this is that as a child coming into the world, the process of dealing with our feelings and memories from our past lives and adjusting to our present would be to confusing.

There are also physical conditions that can be carried forward from a Past Life to manifest in this life as a similar or related condition, if a person died of a breathing condition such as TB, then perhaps in this life they would feel the effects in the form of asthma or similar.

Hypnosis has been found to be a very safe and effective way of accessing the thoughts feelings and images, stored in our unconscious mind. There are many myths and misconceptions about what Past Life Regression actually is and what happens, and these have been further confused by stage hypnotism. The one thing you can be assured of is that anyone can be regressed.

Regardless of your personal faith or belief, regression can work for you through gentle and relaxing hypnosis unlocking doors in your mind to understand how past lives can be influencing who you are now. Have you ever coined the phrase "I am sure I am paying for something in a past life" when things are not going quite right for you, or perhaps you have met a stranger and felt that you knew them, maybe you have visited a place and had that feeling of deja vu? Often people and places are important in our lives in helping in our progression and experiences we are here to gain. Sometimes we bring traumatic experiences into this life from a past life, resulting in irrational fears, phobias or behaviour. Under regression these issues can be dealt with so that they can no longer have any effect. It is documented that we have can experience many lifetimes and there are certainly plenty of books available on the subject.

Why is Past Life Regression Necessary?

The main benefits of experiencing past life regression is to be consciously aware of past life events so that you can deal with the energy associated with any traumas that your spirit may have experienced. Once you are consciously aware of this energy you can understand it and release the negative effects that it may be having on your current life.

At Divine Light, Nina always guides the subject back to the happiest point in their past life and works from that point forward.

The Process

There will be no swinging pendulums, bright lights or anything else that you may have been told about, you won't fall asleep and neither will you be unconscious. You will remain in complete control and aware of everything happening to you.

It is perfectly safe and a natural state of mind, very much like daydreaming. You will be able to experience your past lives in your mind as if you were there as it actually happened. Nina is a fully qualified regression therapist so you can be assured of an enlightening professional experience.

The experience of regression through hypnosis varies from person to person. Some people see fleeting images or merely have an awareness of who they were and others experience it as though they were immersed in a colourful movie.

Any trauma suffered in that life will not be experienced again, because the subject is immediately detached from the experience if it were to become unpleasant. This can be done in various ways such as seeing the events as if they were on a large television screen or viewed from a distance.

Will I remember anything?

People normally remember every detail of the experience although notes are also taken by Nina such as dates, names, etc.

Note: A recording on cd or MP3 is also available.

Is it safe?

Past life regression is completely safe and the client is always in control.

How to book a Past Life Regression session

To schedule a Past Life Regression session with Nina, please telephone 07951 310 888. You can also direct.

A Past Life Regression session costs £75

. Your Past Life session will be recorded Free of Charge as MP3 files and a download link will be sent to your email address after your session.

(You can add a Past Life Karmic Clearing session for only £50 extra.)

Schedule a session today and take a safe journey through time into healing your Past Lives.

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