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With Aura Photography you receive a Polaroid photograph of your aura which Nina will use to give you an Intuitive Analysis.
Aura Photography

A Private Aura Photography session with Nina costs £50 which includes an "In Depth" Intuitive Analysis..

Aura 'Live' (AVS) sessions cost between £35 and £50 depending on length and content of session - see prices and offers for a current price list and special offers.

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Aura Photography | Aura Imaging and WinAura Live

Update: 2nd January 2022. We used to regularily see the lady in the Article below at various MBS (Mind Body Spirit) Shows that we do around the country with our Aura Camera. Her life has now totally changed for the better. Even after nearly 17 years, Her suicidal thoughts and depression has not returned!!!


Thursday 12th October 2006


Psychic & Medical Intuitive Nina May Jervis of "Divine Light's" Healing Centre & Aura Photography in Newcastle upon Tyne knows they can AND did, through the phenomena of Aura Imagery. Nina has been using the latest cameras in Aura photography including the computerised WinAura system in her business for the last 9 Years and has taken thousands of Aura photos including those of TV and music celebrities.

Nina is renowned though out the country for her very accurate interpretations and readings of auras at a variety of Mind Body Spirit Shows. (See the 2022 events here).

The camera captures in colour the emotional energy vibrations that emit from our minds, these are seen as a variety of colours surrounding the body. Usually Nina can predict the predominant colours that will be in the photo before it is taken. Each colour has a specific Emotional meaning. Having an Aura Photograph reading with Nina, will give you a reading of approx 12 months. Being a Psychic and a Medical Intuitive she reads into the past 6 months, the present situations and gives you life path guidance to make changes in your life for the future.

In August of 2006 her exceptional skills helped to save a woman's life. What appeared in the Aura photo that was not visible to the naked eye was a very clear rope like bulge around the woman's neck (See photo in the middle picture below this article). Nina saw that it was the auric impression of an etheric rope. Nina picked up from the photo that she had probably been hung in a previous life. She stopped the normal session and carried out Karmic & Emotional healing techniques that she has been trained in, to Etherically remove the rope, releasing her from her Karmic contract and inevitable early fatal destiny in this life.

The results of her timely intervention was not apparent until the lady enthusiastically had another aura photograph taken in September 2006. Her life had totally been transformed with the healing work that Nina had done on her. What she had not shared with Nina in July and August of that year, was that for 5 weeks before the August aura photo, she was feeling clinically depressed, taking anti depressants and told by her GP to see a counsellor, take time off work etc. But more to the point, that she had been contemplating every day for the last 2 weeks, how easy it would be to hang herself on the trees at the bottom of her garden. (She had been Karmicaly drawn to buy a house with large trees at the rear of the property!) The more she thought about taking her life by hanging herself, the stronger the desire to do it grew.

A point to note: "Thoughts become things. As you think so you become!"

The lady summed up the work that Nina did on that day in August by writing "As for you Nina, I think a big thank you is needed, if it wasn't for you and your good work, I may well have dug my own grave and hung myself" (She stopped taking the anti depressants on the Monday after the work Nina did on the Saturday in August and says "Life could not be better".)

Update:2nd January 2022. We used to regularily see the lady above at various MBS (Mind Body Spirit) Shows that we do around the country with our Aura Camera. Her life has now totally changed for the better. Nearly 11years later Her suicidal thoughts and depression has not returned!!!

Nina was featured on Tyne Tees TV on GP Taylor's Uninvited Guests series of programs in Jan 2006. Nina appeared on the 14th February 2006 Show. Nina & Jerry also appeared on the Channel 4's Enemies of Reason with Dr Richard Dawkins in Jul 2007.

More recently Mar 2016 Nina was invitef to appeared on the Amit Kainth Show about Aura & Energies. Also explaining some of the Life Saving and Life Changing testimonials as a result of Nina's Personally created and Unique C-CARA Energy Therapy. ( You can read these testimonial and watch the full Amit Kainth Show interview by going HERE ) Please follow the link at the top of the Testimonial page.

If this story has struck a cord for you or for someone you know. Don't despare, we are only a telephone call away.

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